Domus Monetae Digitalis (DMD) – is a producer of digital collectible tokens. While these tokens have no monetary value or gain, it is associaded with a strong emotional worth and personal satisfaction.

Upon purchase of a DMD token you become a member of DMD Collectors Club. This status grants the right to use this title for representational purposes. Token ownership is a powerful tool to show personal traits, values and status.

Every month up to 2 highly collectible premium limited edition tokens of different lines are issued.

One always belongs to the main – Platinum line, with a circulation of only 50 000 tokens. Second varies month to month and belongs either to the Diamond line and have a very small circulation of only 1000, or Golden line and have a circulation of 500 000.

There are two stages of DMD token sale:

  • Presale on Indiegogo
  • Main sale on

Presale on Indiegogo:

To purchase tokens during the presale, please visit our Indiegogo page, back the project in € (Euros) and provide an Ethereum wallet number. Tokens will be transferred after the end of the Indiegogo campaign.

To receive tokens you must have an Ethereum wallet (one of the easiest ways is installing MetaMask plugin in your browser – only takes a few clicks) and watch for the token (paste the token contract address in the “Tokens -> Add Token” section of your wallet and click “Watch token”).

Presale price in EUR can be found in DMD Indiegogo page.

Main sale on

To purchase tokens during the main sale, please open your Ethereum wallet and transfer the amount of ETH (Ether), for which you want to buy DMD tokens, to the token contract address. Tokens will be transferred immediately (usually it takes between a few minutes and a few hours until blockchain confirms the transaction and token appears in the wallet).

To do so, you must have an Ethereum wallet (one of the easiest ways is installing MetaMask plugin in your browser – only takes a few clicks) with Ether in it and watch for the token (paste the token contract address in the “Tokens – Add Token” section of your wallet and click “Watch token”) after making the transfer.

Official token address and price in ETH is published only on, in a homepage section “Premium DMD Tokens”.

What is a DMD Token?

  • It is a digital collectible item
  • Proof of DMD Collectors Club membership

What can be done with a DMD Token?

  • Kept and enjoyed
  • Transferred

Why should I buy DMD Tokens?

  • To enjoy owning a digital collectible
  • To become a DMD Collectors Club member
  • To show personal traits, values and status

I love that old good feeling of being a collector – are these tokens for me?

  • Definitely – this is the magic of DMD Tokens

Can anyone purchase DMD tokens?

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Currently we do not support purchases from China, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam.

PANGEA (2018 May)


Circulation of only: 50 000

Initial sale price: 0,02 ETH


Token address: 



Initial sale address (in ETH): 0x3caFfDA4DfeDb99E35663009835Ebae375f739Ca


Pangea is a supercontinent that existed few hundred million years ago. Back then, it was the only continent in the world, but about 175 million years ago it started to break apart and after a long time got divided into continents that we have today.

This token has a very strong symbolic value: it marks the beginning, proves that sometimes changes occur when we least expect it and reminds that we all have the same roots.

Buy now and witness the beginning!

  • To purchase these tokens (like any other tokens during inital sales), please transfer the desired amount of ETH to the initial sale address listed above.
  • BONUS: buy 10 or more and get 1 token for free!
  • BONUS: buy 100 or more and get 15 tokens for free!




Main sale on TBA (in ETH)

Circulation of: 500 000


On a second new moon of 2018, another moon year began. This time the animal is Dog, its element is Earth and the energy is Yang. All of this translates into a year full of masculine energy, stability and earth focussed gentle fun loving vibes.

Token is meant to mark this unique combination and inspire by capturing this positive much promissing attitude and mood. Lucky numbers are said to be 3, 4 and 9 – keep it in mind when purchasing tokens!

Buy now and expect an amazing year!




Main sale on TBA (in ETH)

Circulation of: 50 000


“An essence of life today, a miracle in the past.”




Main sale on TBA (in ETH)

Circulation of: 1000


“Magic of the sky. Technically common, yet hard to see.”

  • An Ethereum Token
  • ERC20 standard
  • Ultra modern blockchain technology
  • State of the art decentralized platform
  • Limited supply
  • Fine art design

Confirmed and proven by science, there are lots of benefits in being a member of DMD Club. Generally speaking it is a combination of: benefits of being a collector, benefits of belonging to a club, and benefits of acces to exclusive club member merchandise.

Senior Collector Token is a special award for the most loyal DMD Club members. It is an end of the year bonus token that will be issued and awarded to every member who owns at least one token from every set issued in that year!


Benefits of being a collector:

  • Builds observational skills – collectors tend to become more cognisant of details what makes them better finders and seekers in general
  • Improves organisational thinking – collections often call for sorting in categories, what translates in more productive thinking, research, planning and scheduling skills
  • Enhances pattern recognition – categorising things increases our ability to find patterns in everyday life
  • Awakens a desire for knowledge – just noticing how much information there is on any subject can give a thirst for learning. Knowing a much about any thing increases ones self-esteem.
  • Inspires creativity – artists often create their works based on collected items, create your own storage of things that you like
  • May forge to commitment to a good cause – prominently seeing certain things can remind important causes and lead to its active support
  • Fosters social connections – finding others with common interest can be an instant icebreaker and great friendships often arise from common interest
  • May awe the way to a career – kids who collect rocks sometimes become geologists, fascination of state of the art blockchain technology can grow into spectacular career as well
  • Preservation of the past – owning certain things can ensure that it does not get forgotten with time
  • Absolute fun – there are countless ways how this can bring joy and these are very personal, it could be anything from the happiness of buying or owning to the enjoyment of having a quest to get them all

Benefits of belonging to a club:

  • Social status – belonging to a certaing group, gives person a special social status
  • Representation of interests – membership is a great tool to emphasise personal interests
  • Sense of belonging – it also gives a feeling of being part of a community with people alike
  • New conversational topics – person with interests and memberships is more interesting
  • Increased career opportunities – being a member of a club looks good on a resume/CV
  • Way to become hip and trendy – decentralised blockchain based technology is fashionable
  • Progressive thinking – joining a modern club is also a way to become forward-looking person
  • New personal style – memberships tell a lot about the personalty
  • Personal fulfilment – when it seems that something is missing, joining a new group can easily fill the gap

Access to club member only merchandise:

  • A line of stylish apparel and merchandise available and licensed only to DMD Club members (a.k.a. DMD Token holders)